Our People and Our Work

Our People 

National Staff: Our national team consists of 20 staff and consultants with extensive health care policy development, and advocacy experience. They have worked on Capitol Hill, in the White House, on political and grassroots campaigns, in business, and for some of the most effective public affairs and communications firms in the nation. 

State Teams: Depending on our analysis of state-level opportunities and risks we operate advocacy teams in ten to fifteen states annually. We work with these highly skilled and experienced policy, communications, and organizing experts to conduct a wide range of events and activities to educate the public about health care issues, and engage them in targeted advocacy campaigns. In 2023 alone, our state programs hosted 141 events that connected 146 citizen storytellers and advocates to 25 U.S. Representatives, 8 U.S. Senators, 11 Biden Administration officials, and 55 state and local elected officials.

Our Work

Our work is centered around three broad goals: expanding coverage, lowering costs, and addressing racial disparities. We carry out this work through the following integrated strategies and activities.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., and Health Care Advocates Call for Action to Lower Costs and Improve Health Care for New Jerseyans

Federal Policy

The extensive health policy experience and deep and strong relationships that our team has with leadership and staff in Congress and at the White House gives the POCEF unparalleled influence over national health policy making. We educate and advocate for congressional and administrative actions to expand coverage, strengthen the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, reduce health care costs, and address racial disparities in the health care system.

Education and Citizen Engagement

We produce dozens of reports and fact sheets that summarize complex health care policy ideas for our partners and grassroots activists. We also host Zoom calls with citizens, Members of Congress, and other elected officials to make sure the voice of ordinary people is heard in health care policy debates.

Medicaid Awareness Month

Every April, we release fact sheets and host events to highlight Medicaid’s critical role in America, discuss what needs to be done to expand and strengthen the program, and raise awareness of the consequences of policy proposals that would weaken Medicaid. Our Medicaid Awareness Month website is frequently updated with all-new materials

Better Care/Lower Costs Bus Tour

The best way to educate and engage Americans in the fight for better, more affordable and more equitable health care is to meet them “where they are” in their communities. Our one-of-a-kind annual bus tour connects health care activists with each other, with the media and, most importantly, with their elected officials. We empower people to tell their stories, to actively engage in the work of democracy and to demand a better health care system for themselves and their families. In 2023, our “Care Force One” bus tour traveled 8,000 miles and included 31 events in 14 states. The POC team was joined at these stops by 3 Senators, 8 U.S. Representatives, 1 governor, 3 attorneys general and lieutenant governors, 36 local officials, and dozens of health care storytellers and advocates.

Health Care Storytellers

We have the largest and most effective network of health care storytellers in the country. This extraordinary group of people, from all demographic backgrounds, and from all walks of life, are eager to tell their personal stories about how having access to high quality and affordable health care saved their life and/or the life of someone they love. Their stories are emotional and compelling. They drive media coverage and inspire others to join the health care reform movement by putting a personal face on what is often a complex, partisan policy debate.


Our team includes some of the most skilled and effective communicators in the health care advocacy community. We work with pollsters to refine our messages and with communications firms to produce and place television, print, radio and digital advertisements that educate and inspire.

Support Our Work

The Protect Our Care Education Fund is funded by individuals and foundations who share our commitment to increase coverage, lower costs and address racial inequities in our health care system. We work to achieve that mission through the permanent core programs described above and through special projects with specific goals, timelines and deliverables. We are seeking funders and strategic partners to support these core programs with unrestricted donations and/or with grants and gifts earmarked for particular programs or special projects. 

You can make a general support donation to the POCEF online. For more information about partnering with the POCEF on a special project please contact Matt Farrey, Chief Development Officer at development@protectourcare.org.