What We Do

We Communicate

We are the go to source for polling, message development, and communications strategy for policy makers and the health care advocacy community. We run tightly orchestrated, narrative-shaping communications initiatives that integrate the voices of policy makers with those who are directly impacted by health care policies at the local level.

We Organize

We coordinate the grasstops with the grassroots to educate the public about important health care issues and amplify their voices in policy debates. We operate a national outreach hub that coordinates with organizing teams in 10 states.

We Partner

We regularly partner with key grassroots, expert, and community of color organizations in Washington and in the states. We also host a twice weekly health care organizing table that includes some of the most high-profile groups in the country.

We Research

We provide health care focused research, policy, and advocacy materials to our partners and grassroots activists that strengthen their ability to engage on health care issues.

We Amplify Stories

Our “Your Health, Your Story” program amplifies the voices of the uninsured, people suffering from chronic illnesses and those who have trouble paying for medications.